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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 28, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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today mid-90s you will notice humidity creeping up later this afternoon and tonight, warm and muggy. get ready for an extended heat blast here, as you get see the weekend. 95 today, washington, 92 hagerstown dry afternoon for us more details on the weekend forecast and take a peek at the holiday week next week as well. tony back to you. thank you very much. going to be a big day here in the nations capital as the country awaits a major ruling from the u.s. supreme court. >> you are looking at live, pictures outside of the court, where in less than an hour justices are expected to reveal their decision on president obama's health care reform law. fox 5s sherry lee live outside the supreme court with the latest good morning. >> good morning allison and tony. we are as you mentioned just about an hour away from the supreme court historic ruling and we have not seen a decision like this, likely since roe v wade there is a huge court
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amassing outside the supreme court not only media but a number of demonstrators most appear to be against president obama's health care plan. we heard them chanting things such as obama care has got to go. this is an issue that divided the nation since day one now the wait is about to end. this was signed into law by president obama in 2010. the biggest issue is that individual mandate which rewire choirs all manage -- requires all americans have health care insurance or pay a penalty. chief justice john roberts is expected to issue a ruling. while leading the rest of the mandate in place, it will effect everyone. we need the little boy, to continue to have health care, without having to worry about hitting a limit. >> consumer should have more say when the government gets involved, the expectation that it is some how going to get better, as independent business men we question that.
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>> now, the white house is making contingency plans if all or part of this law is struck down by the supreme court today. meanwhile, republicans have said that they will repeal anything that remains. now here is another scenario in regards to individual mandate a lot of people haven't talked about. there is an old law in the books that says you can't challenge a tax, until it takes effect. well, in the case of the individual mandate that doesn't take effect until 2014, and then people wouldn't actually be penalized until they file their taxs in 2015 that is the way the court could go to side step this issue, but i don't think anybody believe that is is going to happen here. it remains to be seen what they will do but we will be here and have it for you when we get that decision just around 10:00 a.m. this morning. allison and tony. >> thank you so much. fox 5 will be live, at the supreme court as sherry mentioned when the rules does come down again expected to happen, around 10:00 a.m., less than an hour from now we will
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bring that to you live when it happens and streaming live on also expected today a house vote on whether to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress he is accused of withholding critical information and documents on the botched fast and furious gun program the vote could bring an unprecedented citation to a sitting attorney general. president obama used executive privilege to shield some documents, in that dispute. congressional leaders compromise and reached a tentative deal on a major transportation bill, that is set to expire saturday. lawmakers will have to fake a final vote -- take a final vote by tomorrow without action. they will not be able to pay for transportation programs or levee diesel and gas. it is attached to a provision to prevent student loan rates from doubling july 1st. new this morning out of silver spring maryland the hunt is on for the person who set
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fire to ebony barbers early this morning the shop is located 900 block, bonafice street. >> 11:50 p.m., one of the owners of the tattoo shop chased a person down the street who busted the window out then i got a call the barbershop was on fire, and i needed to get down here. >> fortunately no one was hurt. warning from dc police two home invasions at seniors homes in the past week. a woman living in an apartment in 1200 block g street northeast was targeted yesterday, the other happened on the 19th in the 1400 block florida avenue. a suspect was captured on surveillance video in that incident they believe the same man knocked on the door in the afternoon and said he was a maintenance worker. >> once inside, stealing
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property and money from the victim. the fact that we've had two of these obviously gives us extreme concern, the fact that our victims are elderly, another extreme concern. >> we don't know what to do. we don't know who it is, knocking on the door. >> both victims were assaulted, but not seriously hurt. police are advising residents not to open the door to anyone, maintenance worker included unless they have been verified first. >> >> four dc police officers, are among the nine people indited in connection with a fight at a dc fight night club june of last year, outside lotus night club. k street northwest. the incident was caught on camera one man beaten so badly it caused him to lose an eye. officers charged were off duty at the time. we continue to see heart
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breaking pictures out of colorado as massive wild fires rage onment more than 30,000 people have been forced out of their homes as a result of the monster flames and thick smoke. waldo canyon fire engulfed more than 15,000-acres and threatening major landmarks like the u.s. airforce academy and the famed mountain top of pike's peak. officials say that fire is only 5% contained. president obama is expected in colorado tomorrow he will tour damaged areas and thank crews battling those fires. to florida where people are trying to clean up damage caused by tropical storm debbie. debbie left behind a handful of sinkholes in backyards and streets roads are closed as crews work to make sure areas around them are safe. debbie was down graded to a tropical depression yesterday and now heading out to sea. prince georges county officials are asking for donations to help 600 people displaced by friday's storm.
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bladensburg took a hard hit in many cases damage was so severe, homes are still unlivable. today and tomorrow the department of social services will collect donations of nonperishable food and summer clothing. national weather service wants to make sure you know when severe weather is coming to your area. starting today you can receive weather aalreadies on your smart phone. the new wireless emergency alert system, offers a way to warn you, even if you aren't by your tv radio or storm siren you can hear that, they will notify you about tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and other threats. service is optional for smart phone users. tony. allison, jerry sandusky receiving a state pension while behind bars. under pennsylvania law pension can only be forfeited for crimes like extortion and bribery. sandusky will continue receiving $59,000 a year for life, a jury convicted him of molestic 10 boys over 15 year
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period. i don't like it i don't like any dollars going -- -- my dollars going to a child molester. >> he is still getting rewarded >> i think it is terrible he gets our tax money and i think you know something needs to be done about it. >> sandusky began receiving the pension in december 1999 after coaching his final penn state game. >> law enforcement officials in new jersey still searching cargo containers for possible stow aways. a coast guard inspection team heard knocking coming from a cargo ship, that arrived in port newark from the middle east yesterday. about 200 containers were checked by last night, the ship has about 2,000 of them all together, we are told a person could possibly survive in one of the containers for about two weeks. he spoke to masses about the mysteries of the universe now you can get an up close look at the work of carl sagan. >> generous donation allowed the library of congress to
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acquire his papers. coming up after the break an associate librarian joins us to talk about his work plus you will find out who is footing the bill. we will be back q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
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city leaders in dc held a parking summit to find some collusions to the long standing parking problems in the city. some people believe the cost to park could fix the problem. cheap street parking fees encourage drivers to keep their cars on the streets. some people suggested day pass for out of town construction workers and also they suggested restricting out of state college students from getting parking permits. here is one reason behind the parking problem in the district for the first time in a century american cities are growing at a faster rate than surrounding suburbs according to a new 2011 census, estimates, primary city s with populations more than 1 million grew 1.1% last year
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compared with to .9% in surrounding suburbs young adults trying to cope with the weak job market are behind the shift. do you remember those four huge cargo cranes that shut down the bay bridge as they were transported to baltimore? they are about to become part of the city's skyline they will be 40 stories tall once their booms are attached the same height as baltimore's world trade center so far, only two of them unloaded the cranes will be tested for a few months before they are used to handle larger ships. the library of congress is now home to the personal papers of american astronomer, astro biologist and science communicator, charles sagan made possible by seth mcfarlane creator of family guy and american dad. i know that does not seem to make sense we will explain that. joining us with more information on the acquisition of the papers is roberta safer,
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from library of congress, thank you for joinings. a pleasure to be here. >> when i first heard about this i was excited y'all have the papers i imagine you are more excited. >> fabulous. >> have you personally been able to look through the papers? >> i have some of them now i need to warn you, that there are almost 840 boxes with about 2,000 pieces each. >> my goodness. >> so it will take us, a number of months with a lot of ook thr which we will do. but i have seen phenomenal examples. >> okay. we will talk about what you have seen in just a moment. first, seth -- seems like i am making a joke here seth mcfarlane is involved tell us how he is involved. >> seth mcfarlane is a very creative guy and one of carl sagans big modus operandis of science was curiosity, thing about things and ask questions, and to kind of be out of the box. and so it doesn't surprise me
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at all, that seth mcfarlane is a huge fan or was a huge fan of carl sagan makes total sense. >> mm-hmm. we know he does cartoons but a huge science buff and watched him like many of us did when he would be on johnny carson and the tv show, cosmos there is a picture of him right there. so he provided the funds to get the documents to you. >> yes, he did. he enabled us to make the purchase it is really exciting because this is a phenomenal collection, but it also joins several other collections of emanant scientists we have. benjamin franklin. edison, rice brothers, so all of these are together, at the library of congress and this is part of the reason why it is so exciting. >> let's talk about some of what you have. i want so though a photo of carl with his wife and also, author, this is him and his
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wife and she is still with us lives in up state new york. >> she lives in ithaca new york she collaborated with carl on a number of projects and is now working on a kind of a sequel to the cosmos series that fox and national geographic are going the produce, and will have it in the winter of 2014. >> and seth mcfarlane is one of the producers. >> sure is. >> just bizarre. all right. tell me about some of the thing that is are in the papers. and in the boxes that you found. >> well, so much of it really are just his own notes and his edits of things he was writing. it is kind of interesting though, he never wrote out speeches even though he spoke all over the world. he would just write and then there are articles that he collected by other scientists and comments that he wrote but i think it is a phenomenal
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collection i hope parents out there are not throwing away the art they have on refrigerators. >> in fact, this is something he drew, he was a child when he drew this. >> 13 years old, so it is about 1947, and he predicts the commercialization of space travel, he also predicts in this, soviet american collaboration. and even initially, that the american scientists of the day would be able to build on the nazi aeronautical space research they had been doing that little graphic you have just shown, is kind of the history of space and it is what happened. >> amazing. >> obviously there are a lot of documents, at what point will the public see this >> they will not be available until november 2013 believe it or not we have about 16 staff members who will be working
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just almost exclusively on this collection, to go through it, to make it vailable at that time. >> you have to catalogue it off. >> organize, catalogue it, put it into the various topics so that it will be easier for research which ares to find it but, one thing i do want to say we are planning to hope it november 9th, 2013. which would have been carl sagan's birthday and we are going to do it in conjunction with a science education summit one of carl's big causes, was of course as we know to make citizens understand science and then secondarily to understand the next generation >> my early knowledge came from watching him on the tonight show with johnny carson and a funny thing we don't have a picture of this but carson, who loved carl, had him on a lot, very interested in science. >> often. >> would impersonate him and make a little fun with his
9:19 am
impression saying billionbillions of stars and sagan said the carson i never said that on your show and there is a note from johnny carson back to him in this collection >> there is basically says even if you think you didn't say it you should claim you said it because it has become your tag line. >> it really has. >> i think every impersonator we know from that time forward has used that. >> billions and billions of stars and bits but millions and millions of people ind frankly continue to be inspired >> i can see you are quite enthused about this and your excitement is infectious thank for coming in. >> thanks very much >> when it is time to open it up let us know we will come back. >> allison over to you. >> man all right. 9:19 a.m., still ahead a first of its kind statue rolling into dc today, of a firefighter and a dog we will tell you what it represents after the break. holly is stepping into narnia, this morning. good morning. >> i know good morning to you
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allison i have the best seat in the house at imagination stage when it comes that their most recent production you need to get your ticket to the lion the witch and the wardrobe the first time ever imagination stage and washington ballet have come together to make an amazing and memorable and magical performance we will find out about it, live later 3q every day, an average of 5,000 people
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>> back now with a live look at demonstrations outside the supreme court a crowd gathered there. that is a look for you ahead of today's historic ruling on the president's health care reform law. we should learn the decision 10:00 a.m. this morning, fox 5 is live, of course at the supreme court and we will bring you a live update as soon as that ruling comes down. other news now hollywood mourning the loss of television's most beloved big brothers, don grady appeared on
9:24 am
the hit show my three sons as big brother robbie in the 1960s and early 70s yesterday, he lost his battle with cancer. before his time on my three sons he sang and danced on the mickey mouse club in later decades he worked as a musician and composer he was only 68 years old. the first only fire dog monument arrives in the nations capital the 7-foot sculpture, depicting a firefighter and arson dog was created by a 22- year-old colorado fire fighter and modeled after sadie the arson dog. these specially trained canines sniff out accelerants used to start fire. >> a rare baseball jersey set to hit the auction block this fall, worn by don larson when he pitched the only perfect game in world series history back in 1956. a bidding war is expected for
9:25 am
the one of a kind jersey, details of the auction will be announced later today larson who is now 82, says the game is the best thing that ever happened to him. round one of at&t national congressional country club is under way, tournament host tiger woods tees off 12:50 p.m. with nick wattney and kj troy the first time the tournament is being played at congressional since 2009. >> coming up, a dog and crab have a play date you don't want to miss. >> okay. plus find out which beaches in our area, are among the cleanest in the nation. will. >> in our next segment we will talk about a tiny little blue pill that just got the stamp of approval from the fda if you are seriously over weight this may finally help you shed those pounds find out if it may work for you, after the break. 
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>> back now with a cute play date. this dachshund came across a ghost crab playing on the beach check it out. those are the two players, then the fun started you can see him chasing that crab who doesn't seem to want to be on this play date. if we are honest it tries the get around him he fails, but the dog loses his new friend once he gets into the water. crab had the advantage. >> funny. very cute. >> looks like a puppy. >> i am sure it is like what happened. >> that is the cutest part. >> i am sure when the crab got back the story was different. >> you won't believe what happened. >> this big. >> is that how a crab would speak? >> i think so. >> yeah. >> don't go out there. >> right. >> they are everywhere. but i made it.
9:30 am
>> all right. 78 degrees right now washington, hazy, hot and humid. >> wait until it is really hot tomorrow. >> yeah. 81 quantico, 81 leonard town temperatures warmer today, humidity will be on the increase this afternoon although it won't be terribly uncomfortable just wait, that arrives tomorrow but look how quickly the temperatures warmed up after being fairly comfortable overnight. temperatures upper 50s. low 60s warmer today, mid-90s day hype highs then this weather pattern, -- highs, then this weather pattern, we will get stuck hot, humid, hazy into our holiday week next week. quiet weather pattern satellite radar, nothing going on you will see a few clouds from time to time today generally sunny skies not expecting showers or thunderstorm activity today yes, a few thunderstorms could pop up in the humid atmosphere tomorrow let's hope we get a few of those. that will provide a little
9:31 am
relief but that is about it otherwise hazy hot and humid, here on out right through early next week very impress sieve numbers out west. yesterday's daytime high, in goodland kansas. 110 degrees not going to be 110 here but feel like 110 tomorrow because of that or could feel up to 110 we have an excessive heat watch for the 95 corridor here, dc, counties all under excessive heat watch during the day tomorrow combining actual air temperature with humidity it will feel like 105 to 110 around here to doubt about it serious heat on the way starletting later this afternoon -- starting later this afternoon. >> plenty of sunshine hot, 95 degrees, not expecting showers, winds southwest at 5 to 10 partly cloudy warm and humid overnight 77 your overnight low just not going to cool off during night time hours. particular heat wave will last and last right through the weekend, of course lots of water that kind of thing could be a few scattered storms
9:32 am
saturday and sunday generally hot, and humid out there, both afternoons. >> that is a look at weather, wish i had bet or news,. all you can do is warn us. heading to the beach for heat relief, listen up ocean city maryland and dewy beach delaware both made the list of the nations cleanest beaches and reportedly, they follow some to have best practices. they earned 5 star ratings from the nash fall resources -- natural resources defense council, beach number 6 at 136th street i believe. >> very cool news for us. some more cool news, and welcome news for people who struggle with their weight. the fda just approved a new hel >> will tom has is back with a closer look who can benefit. >> good morning. this is the first obesity drug to win approval from the fda in 13 years. it is going to be sold under
9:33 am
the brand new belvique this is for adults with a bmi of 30 or greater, considered obese, 30 to 35 pounds over weight as least the drug is also available to adults with a bmi of at least 27 considered the over weight category, 20 pounds to lose and over weight patients would have to have at least one weight related health condition like type two diabetes. bmi is measure of body fat relative to height and weight. fda decided not to approve it over concerns it could lead to heart problems but additional studies have done away with that. in studys we have seen the most common side-effects have been mild like headache, nausea, things like that. >> the drug works on certain receptors in the brain calledserotonin receptorhelps give you the feeling of
9:34 am
fullness take it once a day again only for certain adults obese or over weight with a weight related condition no exact date when it becomes available but soon and in trials people who took this tony and allison, were twice as likely to lose 5% of their weight than people who took the placebo. apparently it works. >> they do say with this you have to exercise and you know -- >> isn't that always the case. this would be the day to have stock in that pharmaceutical company. >> thank you. all right, celebrity chefs speaking of losing weight, paula dean is showing off her weight loss 6 months after announcing her diabetes diagnosis. >> she lost 30 pounds making those small changes and giving um some of her favorite foods which with you know is a big deal for her. she gave up mashed potatoes she lived with type two diabetes more than two years before going public in january. at the same time she began endorsing a diabetes drug. >> big difference there.
9:35 am
>> sure is. >> good for her. >> her swagger has changed too. >> many colleges are moving towards an all out smoking ban half of campuses nationwide have enacted or considering action on smoking on school grounds. according to the surgeon generals report tobacco use among people aged 18 to 25 remains at open doming proportions. still ahead guests at the wip night club, the scene of chris brown and drake's confrontation won't find any drinks in their cups. latest trouble for that venue. >> jesse jay, sits on domino original? >> don't say it. >> a rip off. hear the song one man claims is behind the tune tune k
9:36 am
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justin biebers album makes the biggest debut so far this year. believe is number one in the u.s. where it sold check it out 374,000 copies, in its first week. it is also number one in 29 other nations. bieber out sold ushers latest album, the r&b singer helped launch the teen star's career. this is biebers fourth number one album. >> usher is executive producer. >> so he is okay. >> yeah. >> okay. >> california singer claims jesse jay ripped off his song. >> will lumis suing her and her recording company over the song domino he says it sounds like his song, bright red cords which came out three years ago take a listen ♪ [ music ] >> no, i think that sounds like
9:40 am
every song ever recorded by a no name band that is what i think. jesse jay's is different more advanced progression wouldn't you say? you know the song. >> listen ♪ [ music ] >> okay i hear what he is saying but i have heard songs much closer, than those two. >> now here is where jesse breaks off. ♪ [ music ] >> i think it is like every song ever. >> well, i understand. >> i wouldn't award them any money. >> as tmz points out jesse jay has sold more than 11 million singles, lumis and the lust have a very nice myspace page. myspace at that. >> jesse jay's rep resen at that tiffs have no comment on the lawsuit >> i feel i could have written -- it would be without even hearing that first song.
9:41 am
just seems very. >> common enough. got you. only like five cords in pop music. >> more troubles for the new york city club where drake and chris brown got into a brawl. >> they are no longer allowed to serve alcohol. the booze ban was ordered earlier this week citing ten separate assaults and altercations in march, leading up to the big show down between drake and chris brown earlier this month they hit the club with 17 violations. i will say bye bye to that club. coming up severe storms can take a toll on your garden and trees how you take care of them after the winds move through can make a huge difference derek is here with more on tips how to minimize the damage. then the famous book the lion the witch and the wardrobe comes to life at imagination stage. the show uses dancers ands, and puppets to pull it all off. holly is giving us a sneak peek after the break stay with us 9:41 a.m. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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last night if you are looking for something fun to do over the next week and a half look no further. smithsonian folk life festival under way at the national mall. this is last night's bring back the funk concert. featuring george clinton, ivan neville. the festival runs through july th. on the mall, between 7th and 14th street. not funk music every night the best part it is free and a free concert almost every night. >> michelle. >> yeah >> i like how the one guy was sitting on the lawn. putting his p funk sign up like that. very serious. >> holly morris spending the morning with the cast of the lion the witch and the wardrobe. >> this is the fusion of
9:46 am
theatre, dance and puppetry you don't want to miss it she joins us with more from imagination stage in bethesda good morning. >> good morning to you we are getting close to show time i am not talking about our show but an actual performance of the lion the witch and the wardrobe that will happen 10:30 a.m., they are getting the stage set the call is coming for the cast they are getting last minute rehearsing in, and it is a wonderful collaboration, between the washington ballet and imagination stage they really needed that in order to pull off a performance and a story like this. janet sanford is the director and artistic director for imagination stage she joins me good morning. >> when i was reading about comments you made it was exactly that, the lion the witch and the wardrobe the story is so epic you have never done a full scale production before until you had this collaboration come together which made it possible. >> absolutely gave us a chance to tell the story in a really new way and get the felt breadth of it i think other
9:47 am
versions i have seen were not able to do. >> it is shakespeare theatre for young audiences what do you mean. >> epic, universal themes were very very large you know, it is about life, death, forgiveness, and it is amazing how even very young children respond to that kind of heightened emotion and world. >> it is a feast for the census when you watch the fehr poor mans that goes on here part of -- performance that goes on here part of that is the amazing puppet industry who made the puppets. >> he first worked with us on the never ending story, i am holding, the unicorn the first animal in narnia that gives us a sense of the magic that happens there. he can move in many different ways i am no a puppeteer i watched it enough. >> that gives you an appreciation for the puppeteers at that are a part of the show
9:48 am
what is amazing, there is not one portion of it that is easy >> tack about effortless, that is what ballet is when you are good at it when it comes to ballet in our area, washington ballet dancers ands are some of the best. they are getting in last minute rehearsal here and they are being led by david palmer, for washington ballet can i steal you. >> absolutely holly. >> good to see you again. >> like wise. >> tell me about this coming together for the first time at imagination stage at first did you thing it was a good idea. >> we thought it was a great idea. one thing as a creative person is always to be challenged and go to new boundarytry new things, and ballet, as an art form has been out for hundreds of years but the reality is a
9:49 am
lot of people don't realize it started in the first place at a multimedia, mixed media art form. >> natural fit. >> it is natural, kind of like going back to the beginning in a sense. >> so you have this great idea and you are excited about it, but then you have to make it a reality, so then, the four siblings are double cast an actor and dancer side so how do you make that all work together? what are the challenges. >> well, the challenge is trying to make magic. always and that of course is the art of theatre, is smoke and mirrors, you know, transitions and transformations so what we've kind of done is looked at it from really a narrative point of view and trying to follow the story line, and make those transitions and adjustments to be something that is really, kind of coming a little bit from the soul. the way we kind of looked at the difference between the actors and dancers ands, is while the actors are kind of literal and present and real at the moment, the dancers ands are an extension of their emotions feelings kind of like in the cartoons or comic books
9:50 am
where you have the little box. >> yeah >> it says what they are thinking, well, you know it is kind of we can see the actor on stage and kind of being maybe a little bit held in in what they are expressing in a sense but the dancers ands, displaying what they are really thinking. >> fascinating. >> so it kind of gives us -- as in film you have cgi you know, in imagination stage right now we have bgi. ballet generated images that kind of give this, as i said, extension to what is going on. >> thank you so much love it love it you will be fascinated if you come out and enjoy the lion the witch and the wardrobe. we have a link to their website, here is a tip if you compton weekend after the shows they have four actors out in the lobby so you can meet them yourself i have to leave narnia now but the time is here for you to come and experience it back to you in studio.
9:51 am
very cool holly thank you. summer storms can wreak havoc on outdoor plants nowers and trees but, even if they have got knocked around a bit you can prune and trim to help minimize damage. derek thomas with thomas landscape is with us as he dawns our presence with your presence on thursdays i think you know what i mean even though i don't know what i am saying >> it made sense to me >> thank you that is why i love you derek. >> what a great segue the storms that happened last week and we will have this season, you know, haven't made sense. >> wild weather. >> people try to make sense out of them once the plants have -- beloved plants have been kicked around a bit. >> we have the plan we paid a lot. >> we cared for them you know, and the thing is particularly with the large trees we saw devastation that can happen and we have pictures to tie in, to talk through this as we go through this part of the segment. with a you want to think about when thinking about the large
9:52 am
trees, you should always properly maintain them. this one has a lot of damage you are seeing there that should be cut cleanly off by a profession mall tree person don't get up there and do it yourself. once you have cleaned up the tree and started -- you see there is another shot of damage there may be an animal living in that it may be cute but the tree is starting to decay you want to make suffer you get someone professional with big -- sure you get someone professional with big trees assessing the tree. >> i thought that was just what happens you are right cute little animals live in there. >> right but what is happening decay will happen inside of at that tree, and those are those big limbs that will snap, in the strong summer storm. >> got it. >> we have a couple other pictures tied in, but what you want to make sure you are doing is, that you are properly maintaining this tree has a lot
9:53 am
of dead limbs that needs to be removed and, if those tree limbs are properly removed it is going to open up the canopy, let the heavy wind and everything blow through you see this tree, a lot cleaner a lot better canopy it will be able to sustain those winds without actually throwing missiles of broken tree limbs around. >> plenty of tree guys around. call one out >> don't do it yourself especially if it is a big tree like that. our smaller shrubs and things like that we have at home, say for instance, when there is a big wind and a big limb does come down and injury a limb like this, what i've seen you foe people try to do is they will try to tie this back up and stuff. a lot of times if it has been disturbed enough the best thing to do is get in there, make a clean cut, remove that. now what about a holly tree like this we saw a lot of big limbs come down, over during the storms, see how that is
9:54 am
broken this will never heal properly. what you want to do is get in there, have a good set of pruners make a clean cut to the tree and that clean cut, the tree will be able to heal itself up properly, also with your perennials this has beautiful flowers our inclination will be to tie this up and save it it is sapping energy from the plants go ahead and remove that. and then we also brought out this bigger one, also damaged in the storm allison. >> why do i get the big ones? what is this. >> people want to take this and tie it back up. >> you want me to go in there. >> right in there like that. nice and tight. there you go. now it has a nice clean cut here is another piece down here, and what you want to do is investigate the tree, if you cut it here, the tree is going to regrow there but it is also
9:55 am
weakened further down. why don't we bring it further down into here allison. it will be a group effort we will bring it down to this. >> is that okay. >> yes, make sure you get the pruner in there >> it is mighty wide >> there we go. >> see. >> yeah. >> there we go. >> now what you've got instead of having this brittle cut, which is going to be a great place for insects to live, and grow their young you have nice clean cut which is plant will thank you for. >> i thank you for being here thursdays with us. derek thomas, thomas landscapes how does your garden grow. >> on the web and facebook page. >> over to you >> we will be right back. sorry 
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>> all right another live look at the u.s. supreme court any minute justices are expected to
9:59 am
reveal their ruling on the the health care reform law we will bring it to you here live when it comes down, you can find the ruling on meanwhile, hot, going to be hot, today, going to be hot tomorrow right through the weekend be ready for hottest temperatures so far, temperatures mid-90s. humidity won't be terrible today but get increasingly uncomfortable next couple days you saw in the live shot, steamy outside, hot five day forecast 95, near 100 friday, saturday, sunday and monday overnight lows upper 70s so obviously. >> almost looks unreal. >> i know. >> seems to be the norm here last couple summers. >> thank you. >> all right. >> as always of course we thank you for watching fox 5 morning news, remember the news is always on at again we will have the latest on the supreme court coming up. >> in the


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